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On the road is where Ben shines the brightest. Below is just a small sample of the many services Ben is highly experienced in and able to provide for your next tour or event.


  • Routing

  • Budgeting and financial planning

  • Accounting, receipt management, road reports

  • Rider creation

  • Advancing

  • Schedule management

  • Tour itinerary book creation (PDF and physical versions)

  • Travel logistics, planning, and coordination (contract rate negotiation, booking, and advancing of tour buses, hotels, ground transportation, commercial flights, private jets, helicopters, trains, and even one time the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile)

  • Settlement

  • Immigration visas and manifests

  • Guest lists and ticketing

  • Weekly payroll services

  • Press activity coordination (radio, TV, interviews, sponsorship obligations, etc.)

  • Overall personal assistant to talent – aka babysitting famous people


  • Pre-tour: package creation, implementation, and design

  • In-depth advance of all VIP program elements

  • Reserve and assign VIP tickets with box office staff

  • Hire, train, and supervise local staff and security

  • Coordination of VIP check-in location and logistics

  • Distribution of wristbands, credentials, and souvenir laminates

  • On stage and side stage seating organization

  • Host backstage tour / sound check party / Q&A session

  • Acoustic performance PA system setup and sound mixing

  • Implementation of early entry procedures with Tour Security Director

  • Distribution, inventory, and restocking of VIP merchandise packages

  • Coordination of VIP lounge event space, furniture, décor, and catering/bar

  • Setup and breakdown of meet & greet area

  • Meet & greet photography / photo editing with Photoshop and Lightroom

  • Organization of pre-show crowd-free merchandise shopping

  • On-site customer service

  • Budgeting, settlement, and expense tracking

  • Nightly accounting and show recap reports


  • Dedicated close protection and talent movement escort

  • Security rider creation and implementation

  • In-depth security advance of venues, hotels, FBOs, etc.

  • Design and implementation of tour credential system

  • Pass sheets

  • Barricade placement, inspection, and approval

  • Detailed day of show security meetings

  • Evacuation plans, emergency meeting points, show stop procedures

  • Police escorts

  • Pre-event site visits and day of show walkthroughs

  • Local security staffing calls and deployment

  • Meet & greet crowd management

  • Social media monitoring

  • Threat assessments and risk mitigation

  • Restraining order implementation and compliance

  • Medical and trauma response training


  • Pre-tour services: design and fulfillment

  • Inventory management and restocking coordination

  • Merch table setup and displays

  • Local vendor hire and training

  • Settlement, cash management, and nightly reports

  • atVenu & Square utilization


  • Production design: renders, staging, gags and special fx, visual content, set construction

  • Sourcing of vendors: audio, lighting, video, staging, backline, special fx, trucking, busses

  • Crew hire: Creative Directors & Designers, Production Coordinators, Stage Managers, Tour Accountants, Venue Security, Lighting Designers, FOH Engineers, Monitor Engineers, Backline Techs, Wardrobe, etc.

  • Pre-production and rehearsal coordination

  • Local crew calls & union regulations compliance

  • In-depth technical advancing

  • Expendables management (tour supplies, radios, etc.)

  • Stage management and load in / load out direction

  • Maps, directions, and instructions for drivers (parking, shore power, load in details, etc.)

  • Overall daily crew party management

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